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Everything I Know About Game Design I Learned From The 80′s

Behind the goofy dialog, sweet ass round house kicks, muscle bound heroes, and beautiful dames beats the thunderous heart of pure awesome; a heart that will guide you, mold you, and train you – if only you would listen.

Stop Calling Them Design Docs

(the following is a reworking, and expansion of my comment on an earlier AltDev article. It got me thinking, so I thought I’d respond in full)

Pacing Graphs And Proper Communication

Pacing Graphs are not just for you, and they are not just for other designers; they are for the entire team, and that means that they require meaningful context, game wide consistency, and clean communication. This means that you must construct your Pacing Graph a certain way, and it must match in style and meaning to the guy two cubicles to your left. The following will help you to overcome two major mistakes: a lack of clarity, and failing to recognize the difference between combat and cerebral tasks.

Wii U and Me

How do I feel about the Wii U? In a word: yes.