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The Art Of The Pitch

It is not every day that you get a chance to pitch an idea for the game. When that day comes you damn well better hope you are ready, and being ready means a lot of practice

I Hate Giant Design Docs And You Should Too

I have nothing but contempt for Design Bible evangelists. It would be one thing if its proponents were off in their corner of the universe — awash in their own sea of ignorance; alas that is not the case, and people still push the idea that bigger is better, longer is stronger, and information density [...]


March 19, 2011

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Real Game Development Broke Me

Some of my earliest memories involve dreaming up my own games. I can pinpoint it all the way back goofy scribbled drawings of Megaman bosses that were awesome in a really terrible way (Raiden Man? Funny that I now work on Mortal Kombat). I would doodle and scribble and dream of games all the live [...]

Rushing Ideas To The Computer Ruins Designs And Wastes Everyone’s Time

Inspiration has struck. This is it. You know what to do, what it should look like, and how it should function. Holy shit, this idea is awesome, and off you are running. All you want to do is jot this down, write it up, or lay it out. What image just popped into your head? [...]


March 11, 2011

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A Crafted Utopia

I want to recreate Utopia The Game. I have wanted to do so since almost the first moment I played it, all those years ago (oh my god 1998 WAS years ago). I even went so far as to use it as a basis for my senior thesis in college, and it warms my heart [...]


March 10, 2011

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The Battle Between Make and Play

Every so often I get the urge, nay passion, to create something on my own. Something that is mine and mine alone. Something that I can show to others and garner–I cannot lie–both respect and admiration. My head is filled with wonderful images. I am a white knight of game design, and I fight valiantly; [...]